• Luke
    Nothing huge, maybe a tad dab of graphics work, and re-colouring, it can always make thing feel different. I will help sort it, and we can get back to an active site overall :)
  • Luke
    Yes the forums are inactive at the moment, as Florian has said, I'm sure it will start to be a lot more active as the season starts off, but possibly a forum revamp could possibly help.
  • Guest#a96048
    Hi this is Aiden F. and I have a question about how to stop the shot put from tearing up the skin on my neck. I have a pretty old shot put and it has some big chips and scratches in it. When i throw with it, it scratches and causes a sort of burn on my neck. does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  • Florian van Dijck
    There will be some changes, hopefully soon ;) and we hope the forum will be more active again..
  • Florian van Dijck
    Hi Mistah, welcome to Social Throwholics!
  • Mistah J
    Hi. I joined your forum.
  • Guest#d1da22
  • Guest#cbca11
    Does anyone know a good program for javelin training in Texas?
  • Tom Clough
    Yeah it will be my first major champs, luckily could get tickets early for being a UKA licenced coach.
  • Florian van Dijck
    Hey Tom, that is aweosme! I wish I could go myself. You gonna enjoy it very much
  • Tom Clough
    Got my tickets booked for the World Championships next year, will get to see Mens hammer final and Womens Discus final, missed out on mens Javelin as can only have one out of the last two days
  • Florian van Dijck
    Hey Krista, unfortunately I do not know where to look exactly. Our calendar is not used to the extend I was hoping for :(
  • Krista Chauvin
    Anyone know of any meets along the East Coast in June that have hammer? Or know where I can look to search?
  • Florian van Dijck
    It will/should be better soon. If anyone of you is interested in writing articles on about news/results/interviews let me know
  • Tom Clough
    I agree loneranger it's not great at the moment
  • Florian van Dijck
    Loneranger, thank you for your feedback. It is true nothing is being discussed here.. Its very sad. We need to change that !
  • Loneranger
    concidering that not one diamond league has been discussed
  • Loneranger
    ok . I too am noe disappointed to see that this site is no longer being used and although I realise nobody is going to read this post anyway. I just want to say that it is very sad to see such a good site go to waste
  • Loneranger
    Right now there isn't really much to talk about
  • Loneranger
    It will come to life again when the international athletics season gets going
  • Guest#c1dd2b
  • Amy Larson
    Yeah we need to change that. It is such a great service. If it would be used bit more...
  • Ali Mohammadian
    How come there is nothing going on here anymore?
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