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Do you want the Throwholics community showcase to happen? 2
    Yes (2) 100%
    No (0) 0%
- von Luke

Hi, their throwers!

Something that I have always wanted to do and now that we have a big enough platform would be to set up a Throwholics community showcase "TCS."

What is the Throwholics community showcase?

well to sum it up, what It would be is a montage of videos/images from the community, that could be videos of yourself training, competing in competitions, preparation, maybe even pictures of you winning a medal at a competition, It is just a way for the community to show off what they have been up to, and show off their accomplishments.

The video montage would be out every month or 2 weeks depending on the amount of clips/images I get, but even if I only get a few clips/pictures, the video will still be out.

This is just a small overview of what it is about

But something I would like to know is what you think, and if you would be happy to send in your clips or images. There would be a lot more thinking to do, but it is just something that I think would be good.
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Who will be better for throwing 9
    Sergey Bubka (7) 78%
    Sebastian Coe (2) 22%
- von Art Billski

Hey there, has anyone of you read this article?

One month from today the IAAF will elect their next president. Two candidates are vying for the position: Lord Sebastian Coe and Sergey Bubka.

Martin Bingisser wrote:

Both Coe and Bubka have stellar resumés that will surely push the sport forward. But sometimes it is a bit difficult to see the differences between them. Both are currently vice presidents at the IAAF. Coe won two Olympic golds; Bubka won one, in addition to six world titles. Coe set 11 world records; Bubka 35. Coe leads the British Olympic Association; Bubka is at the helm of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee.
Even their proposals start to look the same. Bubka wants more street events, and so does Coe.Coe is zero tolerance on doping, and so is Bubka. Coe calls for a reform of the athletics calenderand, suprise surprise, so does Bubka. And I could go on.
But there is one area where there is a difference. I’ve never seen Coe pick up a hammer, but earlier this year Bubka not only did that, but stated on the record his support of our event while visiting Primoz Kozmus’ school in Slovenia. When asked about the problem of the hammer throw being excluded from the Diamond League, Bubka responded:

read the full article here...

Show Us Your Hammer Lord Coe « HMMR Media

What are you thoughts?
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What is Harting's "ace up his sleeve"? 26
    New technique (18) 69%
    New weight lifting exercises (7) 27%
    Consistency (1) 4%
- von Florian van Dijck

i think most of you have read the article with Harting about his 2015 Off-Season Training?

Here it is:
2015 Off-Season Training With: Robert Harting | Throwholics

He is talking in the end about "an ace up his sleeve".
What do you think will it be?

If your answer option is not given, just add it
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Do you measure your training throws? 42
    Yes, sometimes (26) 62%
    Yes, every training session (12) 29%
    No, never (4) 10%
- von ThrowerFanatic

Hey guys,
would like to know if you measure your training throws at all and if so how often?
Every trianing session?

I'm not sure if its good or not... it might have advantages or disadvantages?
Let me know what you think

I tried first time now the poll, hopefully it works 8o
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What is your favourite discus? 35
    Jürgen Schult Skymaster (9) 26%
    The Jürgen Schult Ultimate Spin (8) 23%
    Denfi Space Traveller (4) 11%
    Nelco Odyssey (4) 11%
    Denfi Hyper Super spin (3) 9%
    Nishi Super High Movement Discus (3) 9%
    Nelco Super Spin Olympia (2) 6%
    Nelco Ultra Spin (1) 3%
    Wippermann (1) 3%
- von Florian van Dijck

I would like to know what is or has been your favourite discus you used to throw?

We do have the developer of Denfi @Denfi sport registered here.
It might be interesting for him to see your opinions as well.

We would also like to hear why you picked the discus as your favourite one.


(Btw. you can add your favourite ones to the poll as well, if I have forgotten some)
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Who should be the Male "Thrower of the Month"? 30
    Joe Kovacs (10) 33%
    David Storl (8) 27%
    Keshorn Walcott (5) 17%
    Tero Pitkämäki (2) 7%
    Pawel Fajdek (1) 3%
    Adrian Piperi (1) 3%
    Konrad Bukowiecki (1) 3%
    Bartłomiej Stój (1) 3%
    Hlib Piskunov (1) 3%
    Vitezslav Vesely (0) 0%
- von Florian van Dijck…ea913e600b256e19b5d03fe01

this is the thread for your votes.
All suggestions have been taken into account for the poll.

Please read the full guidelines here: Guidelines

  1. Starting at the 1st of each month the suggestions can be placed into the corresponding thread following the format above.
  2. The suggestions thread will automatically be closed at the end of each month
  3. A Throwholics team member will open a new thread including all suggested throwers for the poll.
  4. The poll will be closed automatically after one week
  5. The final winner will then be announced.

  • Each user will be able to vote for only one thrower per gender
  • A thrower cannot be crowned "Thrower of the Month" twice in a row, and hence the winner would then move on to the second most voted thrower.