Findlay Elite Weight Throw

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1 Libor Charfreitag Mizuno 24.88m 81-07.50
24.88m 24.39m FOUL PASS FOUL PASS
2 Garland Porter Unattached 24.40m 80-00.75
22.22m 23.92m 24.40m 22.97m 23.19m 24.00m
3 A.G. Krueger Nike 23.01m 75-06.00
FOUL 22.72m 23.01m 22.15m FOUL 22.66m
4 Brian Richotte Unattached 21.75m 71-04.25
21.39m 21.45m 21.40m 21.26m 21.57m 21.75m
5 Jerome Bortoluzzi Unattached 21.22m 69-07.50
21.05m 20.57m 21.22m 20.07m 20.35m FOUL
6 Mike Jeffery SR Ashland 21.13m 69-04.00
FOUL 19.43m 20.62m 21.13m FOUL FOUL
7 Ryan Loughney JR Ashland 21.03m 69-00.00
20.69m FOUL 20.93m 21.03m FOUL 21.03m
8 Anthony Agrusa SR Michigan Sta 20.30m 66-07.25
FOUL 19.84m 20.04m 19.94m 20.30m FOUL
9 Steve Bartholomew Unattached 20.15m 66-01.50
19.83m FOUL 18.92m 19.74m 20.15m FOUL
10 Garrett Grey SO Ashland 19.60m 64-03.75
FOUL 19.15m 19.60m 19.05m 19.57m FOUL