The way of Daniel McKim to become the 2017 World Highland Games Champion.

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The way of Daniel McKim to become the 2017 World Highland Games Champion (his fourth time that he won the title).It was a great honour to meet Daniel and see him in action, A THRUE SPORTSMAN AND GENTLEMAN !Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of September 2017 Hank (THE NETHERLANDS).8 throwing events:22lb Scottisch Hammer: 35.89 meters (first).28lb weight for distance: 24.88 meters (third).22lb Braemar stone: 13.03 meters (third).16lb Scottish Hammer: 41.68 meters (third).56lb weight for distance: 12.96 meters (third).16lb open stone: 16.42 meters (foutrh).Tossing the caber: 12.07 (first).56lb weight for height: 5.05 meters (first).Organisation is World Heavy Events together with de Highland Games Federatie (Tommy de Bruijn & Wulbert Stam) en Scottish Heavy Events Association Hank .Reffrees: Wulbert Stam, Pétur Guðmundsson en Dr Bill Crawford and OBE David P Webster (President of the World Heavy Events) .Speakers: David Webster, Bill Crawford & Wout Zijlstra.Photos & film: Gerlof Holkema.