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  • Quote from Matt Marcoccia: “hello @Bruno Bigoni the one thing that I've noticed in your throws is when you come out of the back you tend to pull your left shoulder possibly to feel more speed and that's causing you to become off balance. Then again in your block you're pulling your left shoulder hard so you're falling away from the board and not striking the shot as nice as you should.</p> ” I tried today your tips! Feels good but I'm throwing in a mesh so I don't know if works, hahaha! Thursday…

  • Hi! I'm from Brazil and already threw 17.58m. Now I'm having a lot of problems to train properly and throw far (we don't have a place to throw right now). Although, nice to meet you! Hope you can help me a little.You guys can see a lot of videos in my channel and discover how is difficult to train here.