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  • Strength Routine

    bonesetter - - The World


    Gaining Strenth is one of the important goals for every thrower. Here a some common ones: Used them by myself as descripted or /and customized for throwers : Juggernaut:…of-the-juggernaut-method/ Several 5x5 Programms: Stronglifts: Starting Strenght:…_Novice/Beginner_Programs 3x3: And several " european " block periodisation modells of 10´s 8´s 5´s and 3´s ( later also incl…

  • Alena Kopets has for my understanding of rotational shot put a realy good form. A little bit straight forward, but very effectiv. See her here:

  • Saw Ralf Bartels doing 20,1X m Standtrhows( from a realy wide and low ) position in preparation for a 21.1x m competition.