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  • Women's Hammer | 2014 Zürich EC

    bingisser - - The World


    Here is my preview that profiles the top contenders and their chances: 2014 European Championships Preview: Women’s Hammer Throw « HMMR Media

  • Here's a similar analysis of the javelin for men and women: When Do Javelin Throwers Hit Their Peak? « HMMR Media

  • I just posted a statistical analysis on my site of at what age male shot putters threw their personal best. I looked at the top 100 all-time. When Do Shot Putters Hit Their Peak? « HMMR Media There were several interesting conclusions, but one was that Americans reached their peak much earlier than other throwers. I speculated that this could be due to lack of support for post-collegiate throwers (may stunt long-term development), training methods used, or any number of reasons (for example it c…

  • Bondarchuck SPE and SDE work

    bingisser - - U23


    Great ideas. I just posted some more videos of a few shot put SDE exercises I took when training with Nick Garcia out in LA last week: Shot Put Specific Strength Exercises « HMMR Media

  • We just posted some thoughts on the topic from @Kibwé Johnson on HMMR Media: For America, Marry the Methodologies « HMMR Media

  • Just a random number. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, doesn't make a difference. Even as an Olympic finalist over 80m you can barely get by (just as Kibwe).

  • Kibwe will post some thoughts on the topic on HMMR Media tomorrow, so check it out. Just a couple more quick thoughts from my side. I think John and I agree on 90% of things here. But our main difference is that what I think works well to develop a thrower over 5 years is the same as what will develop them over 10-15 years. It seems John would take a different approach with those two types of athletes. Regarding strength: it definitely helps more with women and that's why we've had more internat…

  • Training Groups | Throwing Teams

    bingisser - - The World


    Michael and Crystal have retired. He is helping me out, but I am not part of the Kamloops center as I have not been based there since 2010. There are a handful of other national athletes in the group now.

  • Hammer | adhesive & wraps

    bingisser - - The World


    Sorry for the delay. In the US people often use firm grip, but I don't really like that. Some people use a spray. In Europe many of the best have their own personal mixture. I use a resin developed for handball. It's a small world, but I just wrote about it this week. Read about it here: Gear Up For the Outdoor Season « HMMR Media Or buy it here: HMMR Media Store: Hammer Throw Accessories « HMMR Media (it says I only ship to the US, but if you are interested let me know and I can find out the sh…

  • Sorry Dirk, I don't check in here often and just saw your reply. We don't throw the 35-pound weight in training. In college I threw it, but would throw it only at competitions and perhaps an additional 10-15 throws the week before if needed. I still got up to 20.42m, which was not bad considering my strength levels at the time. I am definitely not a tall power thrower that would be able to pick up the weight and launch it without much training for it.

  • I definitely agree with Sergej: the weight throw will hurt hammer throw results. Not only does focusing on the weight throw hurt hammer training and technique, but it means that elite athletes have 9-month long season, which also is not conducive to good hammer throw results. But there is an upside. More weight throw competitions would mean more chances to earn prize money for athletes and a chance to get their name out there in the indoor season. More meets for throwers is always good since the…