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  • Gill and boxing bag/hand work

    Justin RODHE - - The World


    I don't use boxing as a training tool, but I might if I had a base training of it from youth. During my training camp before London Olympics I was at Hotel Alfamar training centre in Portugal. I am not usually around bags in my normal facilities but there was a bag in the weight room there. During rest periods between sets I contemplated to translation of this exercise for throwing and I realized that bag work would be a perfect transition exercise for retired throwers. It harnesses the athlete'…

  • Quote from Jackson Bushop: “@Justin RODHE great video. It's nice to see some training throws as well.” Quote from Amy Larson: “@Justin RODHE would you be able to share some video of your training. Esp some of the throwing exercises you are currently performing?” The videos are made possible by my sponsor Garage Strength, be sure to visit Dane Miller's youtube page GarageStrength - YouTube More videos are on their way though it may help if you send some "fan mail" to Dane requesting more timely t…

  • Quote from Odysseus: “Hey Justin, did have a question about your initial drop using the theraband: was this just to maintain tension/build strength in your adductors/gracilis following the surgery? Bc I was thinking this may, in fact, provide a two-fold benefit... While it strengthens those adductors(for your rehab), it is also promoting initial kick height, follow-through, and balance during the initial drive.” Firstly, I didn't have surgery, only lots of deep tissue massage, prolo therapy inje…

  • The biggest mistake I see young throwers make is purchasing small diameter brass and stainless steel shots. No professional or elite level throwers use these types. Turned iron and turned steel are the preferred option, usually in large diameter. At all cost stay away from small diameter shots. Some would think they are easier to hold in the hand but they will cause more damage to you fingers than a larger ball. I wish I had some one tell me these things when I was in high school.

  • Quote from José Sanchez: “Quote from Norm Zylstra: “Quote from Justin RODHE: “My best stands with a 7.26kg have been measured at 16.76m (07') and 16.45m (13'). These measurements were 6 years apart and my personal bests at the times were 18.07m (07') and 21.29m (13'). Does the stand throw result have an equative effect on the full throw for spinners? My statistics would serve as evidence of it being a neutral relationship for spinners.” So... 2007 :: 16,76m (55' 0") = 18,07m (59' 3½") 2013 :: 16…

  • Quote from Jackson Bushop: “@Sean Denard and @Justin RODHE How did you become associates? How do you communicate? How often do you communicate?” Sean and I are both alumni of the University of Mount Union. We did not tenure as teammates but early in Sean's career, when I was training in Kamloops, he sought out my help with technique and later I served as a periodization coach for him. We communicated via email, Skype calls, texts, phone calls and sent video back and forth. Years later I found my…

  • Quote from Norm Zylstra: “Quote from Sam Healy: “so @Norm Zylstra the 2013 figure above supports John Smiths findings on the 12 - 15 foot improvement on standing throw. Was Justin just beginning to rotate in 2007 as it looks like he did not get much further than his standing.” @Justin RODHE would know better. 2007 was his final year in the NCAA and the 18m throw was a one-off to win Nationals.” @Sam Healy I have been rotating in the shot since 2000. Admittedly not very well until about 2005. I w…

  • @Dirk Walsh I am sorry but Dr. Bondarchuk and I never discussed that topic. I never thought to ask. It is a great question though.

  • @Dirk Walsh a year ago, in mid March 2013, I suffered a traumatic pain to left lower abdominal area that resonated down my left inner thigh during the finish of a training throw. The injury presented as a pulled or slightly torn muscle. I had experienced similar setbacks in previous seasons and had always been better 4-6 weeks later with a modified training schedule and load. I continued training and competing for 2 months until in the cold weather of the New York Diamond League meet, scar tissu…

  • @Rutger Smith . This is great conversation on rate of force production. This is a key concept that I think while many people have an academic understanding, real world implementation often lacks, especially where harnessing this development in peak condition in concerned. I have also done some testing in the past with 100kg bench press. I am sure the circumstances and mechanisms of our test were different, but for encyclopaedic interest, here they are: 100kg Bench Press w/pad 3 repetition set in…

  • Food/ Nutrition

    Justin RODHE - - The World


    In Canadian prices mind you……$50 average. Say the equivalent of 4 six packs a month.

  • @Sam Fillious My best 1RM bench press when I had 17m-18m result in 2007 was 315lbs(140kg). I was able to achieve 19.70m condition in 2009 without lifting more than this amount of weight in training.

  • I agree with @Rutger Smith . Personally, I achieved 20.06 with a 190kg bench press 1RM(with pad). I then went on to achieve 21.29m without increasing or similarly replicating the load stimulus of 190kg+ bench.

  • @Jackson Bushop I have never trained with a glider for any measurable length of time. I am currently not a member of a group. I assume you are referring to my time with the Kamloops Group of which I was a part February 2008 to September 2013.

  • 2013 Drake Relays Video

    Justin RODHE - - The World


    Hey Guys, I am looking for a few video references and was wondering if anyone has, or might know someone who would have home video of any of my throws from 2013 Drake Relays? I've been doing a lot of video analysis and any film of myself from that meet would be very helpful. Thanks

  • The following statements are for Shot Put Training. I had some tendonitis in my wrist in 2012 and since then I use a wrist wrap for any loaded upper body pressing in the weight room. I also use straps for snatches and cleans almost religiously. My load is not very heavy, usually 60-100kg but bc my right hand can get very swollen and tight from throwing, I would prefer to not reinforce that tightness by death gripping the bar. I stopped using a belt in 2003.

  • Phil, I believe what you are after is how far apart these weights should be in training atmosphere? In the example of them all being thrown in a single development cycle? A general rule I was taught, have seen to be true, is 1.5m-2m per kg of weight difference. More often I find heavy weights to be closer to 1m apart and light weights closer to 2m apart. i.e. (9kg-16.00m, 8kg-17.00m) +- 50cm, and (6kg-19m, 5kg-21m) +-50cm

  • My best stands with a 7.26kg have been measured at 16.76m (07') and 16.45m (13'). These measurements were 6 years apart and my personal bests at the times were 18.07m (07') and 21.29m (13'). Does the stand throw result have an equative effect on the full throw for spinners? My statistics would serve as evidence of it being a neutral relationship for spinners.