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  • Quote from Jackson Bushop: “Quote from Meg Mulder: “Quote from Jackson Bushop: “Sorry, too rushed on my phone. I'm hearing about meets between the NCAA meet and the US Olympic Trials where coaches are not allowed to attend. WFT? ” Anyone can attend. Coaches cannot coach the college students and the college cannot pay for them to compete. ” That does not sound right. I heard they cannot attend. ” I think they can attend, but it's not a good idea. There are enough thugs and pricks in the NCAA coac…

  • Quote from Phil Bilkins: “Quote from Phil Bilkins: “Who are you training with in State College? ” That is if you're training with anyone. ” Does Joe Kovacs ever come back to Pennsylvania to visit or practice?

  • Quote from Dylan Wilson: “Quote from Amy Larson: “What happened to John Ridgway at Central Michigan University? ” How do you know he's out at CMU? ” The Central Michigan throwing job is posted on the NCAA list.

  • Name of the Thrower: Joe Kovacs Discipline: Shot Put Month's best performance: 22.56m Rationale for the suggestions: New meeting record, new diamond league record and new personal best. being 8th on the shot put all time list... I guess we have a winner ...

  • Things Throwers Don't Say

    José Sanchez - - Bierzelt


    "Yep that's right, you throw discus from the front circle." Who knows which one is correct?!

  • Quote from Dirk Walsh: “Quote from bingisser: “Michael and Crystal have retired. He is helping me out, but I am not part of the Kamloops center as I have not been based there since 2010. There are a handful of other national athletes in the group now.” So Dr. Bondarchuk coaches: - Dylan Armstrong (Canada) - Kibwé Johnson (USA) - Yevgeniya Kolodko (Russia)” What about Canadian Tim Nedow? He throws with that group in Kamloops.

  • Look, when Gatlin comes back and is better off drugs than he was on drugs -- come on man.

  • Heptathlon | 2014 Zürich EC

    José Sanchez - - The World


    Dutchwoman Nadine Broersen hopes to add the European outdoor title to her world indoor title. In her way will be fellow low country citizen Nafissatou Thiam from Belgium.

  • Betty Heidler is up 5-2 verses Anita Wlodarczyk from Poland this in 2014. The German will continue her advantage and win.

  • German Christina Schwanitz is a full meter ahead Euro #2 of Ukraine's Halyna Obleshchuk so she should take the top spot with ease.

  • 2010 winner and 2012 bronze medalist Linda Stahl leads the world list with a useful 67.32m. World record-holder Barbora Spotakova looks ready to win her first EC. After 2010 bronze and 2006 silver Spotakova finally grabs gold.

  • Men's Discus | 2014 Zürich EC

    José Sanchez - - The World


  • Sandra Perkovic hasn’t been beaten by a European discus thrower in the last four seasons. There would need to be a major meltdown to not bring gold back to Croatia. I see one, if not two Germans take silver and bronze.

  • Quote from Julian Wruck Aug 4 via Facebook: “Thanks to everyone who supported me and all the great people who made the Commonwealth Games experience enjoyable. And another thanks to all those who made my time in college in America an amazing experience. Back to Brisbane and on with life. I'm sure I'll be back in America here and there, but I haven't been home for a while and I think I need at least a year or two back there.”

  • Is he coaching the throws as well? Texas Longhorns Athletics - Henson hired as assistant track and field coach

  • Quote from Sam Fillious: “Aussies Kimberly Mickele and Kathryn Mitchell plus South African Sunette Viljoen will battle for the podium steps.” Almost called it.

  • Plus, there are so many youngsters. Whiting, Cantwell and Hoffa and the elders in the top-10. 22,23m (72' 11¼") Ryan Whiting (United States) dob Nov 24, 1986 :: 27 22,03m (72' 3½") Joe Kovacs (United States) dob June 28, 1989 :: 25 21,97m (72' 1") David Storl (Germany) dob July 27, 1990 :: 23 21,85m (71' 8¼") Christian Cantwell (United States) dob Sept 30, 1980 :: 34 21,67m (71' 1¼") Reese Hoffa (United States) dob Oct 8, 1977 :: 36 21,61m (70' 10¾") O’Dayne Richards (Jamaica) dob Dec 14, 1988 :…

  • Aussie Kim Mickle smacked the Comm' with a games record 65,96m (216' 5")–up from 4th in Melbourne (2006) and 2nd in Delhi (2010). The 6th round ramped up the heat with a 63,19m (207' 3") from Delhi champ Sunette Viljoen (RSA) for silver and completing the one-three podium grab by the Aussies with Kelsey-Lee Roberts' cracking 62,95m (206' 6").

  • Quote from Tabór Abarca: “British Athletics Grand Prix - Glasgow (Hampden Park), 11/07/2014 Shot Put - Men 3 Walsh , Tomas NZL 21.23 1 ” @Tom Walsh any stories to share?

  • It is still a strong field. I see Whiting, while rusty coming off surgery, winning with a 21m-high.