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  • The medal in the world youths is quite a task! good luck with that! I'm on my first year in college and my goals for this year are Discus Throw (2K): 52 Meters, roughly 170 Feet Hammer Throw (16LB) : 50 Meters, roughly 164 feet Clean: 150K Squat: 455 Bench: 350 GPA: 3.2

  • Hey guys, I was beginning to write out my personal goals for the season (which starts for me in 3 weeks ) and I became interested in what everybody else might be working towards. This applies to everybody, athletes, coaches, spectators alike. It doesn't need to just include marks it could be anything like a certain weight of lift you want to do or GPA you want to achieve or something. So throwholics, what do you want to accomplish this year?

  • Psychological advantages

    grayson_fleming - - The World


    What do you guys do before throwing? I tend to over think the throw and it sometimes leads to problems. what can i do to fix this?