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  • Throws Unlimited

    Sam Healy - - The World


    I saw a note on her website that she has gone to get a job so has given up. Bit sad as it was a great concept. Hopefully @Dane M. Miller and Matt Ellis do some more of there throws discussion series as they were the same concept and were very interesting.

  • yes I have always wondered about that. If you rotate and you are practicing standing throws should you be getting into the same positions as you do in the full throw ie angle stays the same

  • I am learning all the tricks so you wipe some spit on the front of your shoes before you spin. Would it be both? Does that just allow you to rotate a little faster. Someone recently told me about wipping the sole with baby wipes before you throw. Would you do this on concrete as well? For the left foot turning have a look at the finnish throw video nekkari put up. Look at this guy at the back in the winning throw. I think he looks really good even though I question whether he was touching the ri…

  • Matt, see you are using rotational 6. Can you get enough grip on the wood with them. You are very colour coordinated anyway. I can see you have some sort of left knee issue however I noticed at the back you are not turning the left foot enough so it is not pointing down the left side.

  • great video and great to see such a promising rotational shotputter. Question though on the last throw his foot to me looked like it was touching the ring at the back. What do you think?

  • Quote from Ryan Whiting: “Hey, just saw this post, thought I would weigh in on things I have seen or heard from good sources. First off, Florian, that video you posted is from December 18th 2013, or 12/18 in the US or as written 18.12 as the Europe and write sometimes. It is a date, not distance. My best stands are 17.90m non reverse and 18.20m reverse with the 7.26kg. In high school my best stand with the 12lb was around 19.80m. Some of my best stands with odd weights are (all reverse) 4k-22m i…

  • 3D Printed Discus Plates

    Sam Healy - - The World


    now that is thinking outside the box! Even make your own custom made discus (and be like other sports)

  • Throwing Shoes

    Sam Healy - - The World


    Quote from discusmidget: “Quote from Odysseus: “My 'new' pair of nike Zoom5's are performing as good as any shoe I can remember, albeit not the most comfortable(wide foot), but they're getting there after a month in-service, they were only $80, definitely better than my old aasics.Just wish they made them in different widths (Nike runs big, so a 15, triple-width would be optimal). Eventually I'll just tear the side of the sole and need new ...330lb whipping around like a juggernaut in a throwing…

  • I find it hard to believe they would have rotated to throw only 29 metres.

  • Can I ask what peoples thoughts on getting the throwing closer to the crowds instead of in the middle infields as it says IOC is considering it because the crowd isn't involved. Has anyone attended one of these street meets or the hammer throw over the river?

  • Bolt from the blue: 200 metres, 10,000 metres and shot put under threat at Olympics

  • discus stretch. Must read!

    Sam Healy - - The World


    ATFCA_stretch-shortening_cycle_in_discus_release.pdf Just found a great throw resource on something I have been really concentrating on at the moment.

  • @Tom Walsh congratulations on the new coach Dale Stevenson. Must be handy being able to build Dale a deck to pay for your board when you are in Melbourne. I watched Dale train at Lakeside one day and his throwing consisted of 8 South Africans and 8 Fulls. He said it wasnt specific enough to do any standing throws. I have heard you only stand around 16 meters so do you bother training with that? What does your throws session actually consist of?

  • hate to say this but did this come off your neck too early. looks like thumb is not pointing down on delivery. Notice no lip on shotput is the ring regulation shotput size?

  • If you haven't heard Primal ATC has now become Elite throws coaching. Matt has started redoing his glide videos and I reckon the following 2 are excellent for getting a much better punch Elite Throws Coaching – Make Your Shot Put Release a Good Habit

  • no worries @Florian van Dijck that video has been played hundreds of times in our house!

  • one of the most motivational throw videos

  • there is so much in these articles. Can I ask If you throw a shotput and it reaches its maximum height at 10 meters would this mean it is would end up going around 20 meters ?

  • Shoulder Push-Up for Shot Putting

    Sam Healy - - The World


    hi came accross this and I am wondering what your thoughts on doing this style of pushup versus standard kind for shotput

  • Women's Javelin | 2014 Glasgow CG

    Sam Healy - - The World


    it was such a great contest. All 3 medalists were so happy with getting their medal gold silver or bronze. It was an amazing last round hopefully someone puts it up on youtube