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Throwholics gently suggests folks use their real name rather than an anonymous handle. People like to know who they're talking to. But either works. Also, you can use spaces for your username.

  1. Forum Guidelines

    Here's how we do this. Please take the time to read our ideas of how to play nice on the Throwholics' playground, in addition to typical etiquette:

    1. This is a throwing forum to talk toys and tape measures, not trash, garbage will be disposed of…

    2. Folks can read without registering. One can post in The Ring without registration. You can't post on the boards, however, without a real e-ddress. You set your level of privacy. While a handle works, we prefer folks use their real name.

    3. Criticizing others' writing skills is not tolerated. We are an international community and English is not always everyone's first language and not everybody has the same level of education. Also, at one time or another most of us have caught an implement with our head and don't think so good. If you wish to be fussy, do it on the high jump forum.

    4. The discussion boards are not your personal online chat room. If you're looking for a on-one debate take it to the The Ring or make use of the private messages feature for a group war..

    5. Throwholics reserves the right to quote you–without compensation–in any Throwholics related stuff.

    6. Please respect the copyright of others: do not cut and paste whole articles to this site. Using the principle of "fair use," there's nothing wrong with quoting small snippets of copy in to, but if you want somebody to read a whole article, please provide the URL.

    7. Above all, try to remain courteous, adhering to the old adage, "it's not what you say, it's how you say it." Insulting your fellow posters is a good way to get banned.

    If you have any questions, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions

  2. General

    In order to participate in SOCIAL.THROWHOLICS one has to create an user account and accept this terms. After the change of this terms the user has to reaccept them. The rejection will lead to the ban of one’s user account.
    1. Registration

      Every natural person may create at most one user account in SOCIAL.THROWHOLICS. The operator reserves his right to ban user account temporarily or permanently. The user is informed about his ban and the reasons for it after login into his user account.
    2. Termination of membership

      Any member may terminate his membership at any time in his user account. The termination takes places after seven days, shorter period are not possible. One may not create another user account after terminating his first membership.

      Created contents are not affected by the termination of a membership. If one wants to have contents of himself removed he has to inform the operators within 24 hours after activation the termination of his membership. The operators reserve the right to reject this removal if the contents do not contain any personal data.
    3. Contents

      The user grants the operators of SOCIAL.THROWHOLICS a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive license on his submitted contents.

      With the acceptance of this terms the user assures that he will not publish abusive or illegal contents, hatespeech and not breaking current applicable law. The author takes full responsibility for his published contents, this includes contents of his personal user profile.
  3. Gallery

    The gallery is used for you guys to upload and share your personal pictures with everyone.
    There are categories such as competitions and training. Within those categories you are allowed to create albums and add related pictures.

    For major competitions such as Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, Commonwealth Games and others we will create sub categories to better organize the albums.

    Throwholics is allowed to use all the uploaded pictures within news articles. Hence, you should only upload pictures which you own the rights off.

    Throwholics also keeps the right to delete albums/pictures which are not applicable such as sexual, violent or harassing pictures.
  4. Marketplace

    The marketplace is a place at which users can exchange goods. One user offers a certain product for example a discus, shoes or whatever you would like to exchange and another user who might be interested at this item can make an offer. If both parties involved accept the offers you can clarify with the conversation feature the payments and everything.

    Just to be clear, we do not offer any payments, we only offer the place at which our users are able to negotiate on exchanging goods. We do not endorse the sales, if anything happens.

    In order to be able to understand how the marketplace works we just added some more items to our "FAQ" list. FAQ Marketplace

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