"The Ring" archive entries from Dec 14th 2013

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    • Looking for data

      Dre wrote:

      Hey guys,

      I'm working on building a site just for throwers. Part of my phase 1 is to build out the biggest database of results I can. I want to be able to rank every states all-time top 10 (at least) - which is a lot harder than it sounds. Currently I'm still collecting HS data (for college I will want every schools top 10). My big problem with sites like dyestat and athletic.net is they only rank modern results (1999 and later).

      Anyway, I'm getting pretty close to finishing with my HS data collection. Currently I can reliably rank nationally down to 65-0 and 192-6 for boys and 46-5 and 159 for girls (some states I can go much, much lower - depending on if I found an all-time list for that state).

      I have a couple years that I couldn't get much data for, the High School Track lists I got for those years just don't go deep enough.

      So - I realize this is a longshot - but does anybody have national HS ranking for 1982, 1985 and/or 1987?

      I can't wait to build and share this site with all you guys! The goal is to build a site for throwers... something that you will all want to use daily, be it as a coach, athlete, or a fan. I've got a ton of ideas, and I really hope to find a fellow programmer soon who can help. If you know anybody, let me know!

      Best of luck to you all this year!
      published at Dec 14th 2013 9:09am on effortlessthrow.org/
    • Dre, data here

      Brad Reid wrote:


      Here ya go!




      Actually, once you plug in one of these URL's just change the date and I believe the database goes all the way back into the 1940s. It plays out going forward beyond some date but this will give you a good chance of figuring out what each year looked like.

      Hope this helps! Brad Reid
      published at Dec 14th 2013 2:29pm on effortlessthrow.org/
    • Dre wrote:


      thanks, but these were actually my sources! I've got all those sheets in my database already (shot and disc only so far). The easiest part was they put out an All time performance list in 1965, so I didn't need to go any further.

      But you can see that in 1987, we must have had more studs, and it stops at 65-0.5. Each of these don't go below 192 in disc as well. Thats why these 3 years are my bottleneck!!! So if there is a deeper list somewhere, I really want to find it!

      Thanks for your help!
      published at Dec 14th 2013 3:12pm on effortlessthrow.org/