"The Ring" archive entries from Dec 15th 2013

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    • Brad Reid wrote:


      Some great stats there and it makes for a great cross-reference. And, you can find lots of kids who went on from some sort of really top track or field result to become stars in professional sports.

      Hmm! No other ideas pop into my mind other than an exhaustive study of old newspapers. We had a site in Texas with a top list of each performer in the throws, all events actually, but I am uncertain whether it still exists.

      I suppose I might check around and see what sort of online newspaper archive you might find but, gosh, that would be a lot of work to go through them and extract data.

      If I think of something, I'll drop you a note!

      published at Dec 15th 2013 3:12pm on effortlessthrow.org/
    • Thanks Brad

      Dre wrote:

      Yeah, I've already gone through most of that stuff, and found what is useful, and I'm hoarding a lot of that data as backups now too. I guess I was hoping they put out a longer list later in the year, and it just wasn't archived on prepcaltrack. In the 60's and 70's, they would actually release a top 50 list annually!

      Part of my goal with this site is to link that high school data with the college data and the unattached/pro data. I can actually do it really easily. It's just a matter of getting all the data. Which is far more time consuming than I was hoping.

      I'm about a week or two (hopefully) from finishing up with my HS data work, and then I'll move to collegiate. I doubt I'll go much deeper for HS. I did the deep digging through the Google Newspaper Archive for Maine because, well... it's where I'm from, and nobody knew much more than just the state record for decades.

      I'm at the point where... I don't have everything, but it's much more complete than anything else I've seen for T&F, so it's a start. I've got to try to move on to coding the website eventually!!!
      published at Dec 15th 2013 3:45pm on effortlessthrow.org/