The Transfer

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    • <p>It depends on the thrower. For me I had a good transition because I never liked the lighter impliments even throwing the 14lb some days I don't like because I can't feel the ball. Here is what my numbers were from my senior year to my freshman year.</p>

      <p>High school:</p>

      <p>Shot: 17.19m(12lb) 17.20m(6k)</p>

      <p>Discus: 54.35m(1.6k) 51.35m(1.75k)</p>



      <p>Shot: 16.13m(16lb)</p>

      <p>Discus: 50.89m(2k)</p>


      <p>Now my transitions isn't normal but it's possible to have distances above what is expect to throw with heavier impliments. I didn't have a fall training session that year so I could have produced better numbers but it is what it is. There are throwers that have thrown less than I have in high school and have thrown much further in college as well as the opposite. You just have to put in the work to see the distances you want.</p>