Throwholics Male Throwers of the Month: July

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  • Throwholics Male Throwers of the Month: July

    Who should be the Male "Thrower of the Month"? 30
      Joe Kovacs (10) 33%
      David Storl (8) 27%
      Keshorn Walcott (5) 17%
      Tero Pitkämäki (2) 7%
      Pawel Fajdek (1) 3%
      Adrian Piperi (1) 3%
      Konrad Bukowiecki (1) 3%
      Bartłomiej Stój (1) 3%
      Hlib Piskunov (1) 3%
      Vitezslav Vesely (0) 0%


    this is the thread for your votes.
    All suggestions have been taken into account for the poll.

    Please read the full guidelines here: Guidelines

    1. Starting at the 1st of each month the suggestions can be placed into the corresponding thread following the format above.
    2. The suggestions thread will automatically be closed at the end of each month
    3. A Throwholics team member will open a new thread including all suggested throwers for the poll.
    4. The poll will be closed automatically after one week
    5. The final winner will then be announced.

    • Each user will be able to vote for only one thrower per gender
    • A thrower cannot be crowned "Thrower of the Month" twice in a row, and hence the winner would then move on to the second most voted thrower.

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