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    • Throwholics Community showcase?

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      Hi, their throwers!

      Something that I have always wanted to do and now that we have a big enough platform would be to set up a Throwholics community showcase "TCS."

      What is the Throwholics community showcase?

      well to sum it up, what It would be is a montage of videos/images from the community, that could be videos of yourself training, competing in competitions, preparation, maybe even pictures of you winning a medal at a competition, It is just a way for the community to show off what they have been up to, and show off their accomplishments.

      The video montage would be out every month or 2 weeks depending on the amount of clips/images I get, but even if I only get a few clips/pictures, the video will still be out.

      This is just a small overview of what it is about

      But something I would like to know is what you think, and if you would be happy to send in your clips or images. There would be a lot more thinking to do, but it is just something that I think would be good.
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