Discus Reaseach - I need your help!

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    • Discus Reaseach - I need your help!

      My name is Magnus Aunevik-Berntsen, Im a discus thrower and quantitative analytics specialsit. Im currently working on a research projects in discus in which I aim to do produce some very interesting analysis.
      For my project to be a success I need data from male discus throwers, the research subjects.

      I therefore hope that if you are a past or present discus thrower at ANY level, you could find 4 minutes of your time to answer this short questionaire: survey.vixo.no/index.php/1/lang-nb (Remember to answer in meters and kilos)

      If you know any other past or present male discus thrower, I would appreciate it if you would tips them of the project and encourage them to participate!

      I would really appreciate your help in my effort to create new insight into our sport.

      Magnus Aunevik-Berntsen